The Old Bazar (Religious sites)

Heading to the east from the Hallanchowk at Lakeside by riding bicycle about ten minutes one can reach Srijana chowk, the city centre of Pokhara.  From the Srijana Chowk turning to the North the cycle lane heading to the Pokhara old bazar by riding another ten minutes. Ramkrishna Tole, Ganesh Tole, Bhairab Tole and Moharia Tole are the different points of old bazaar, the place with traditional Nepali houses and Newari culture. There are various festivals and celebrations, especially among the newari community as per their traditional culture.

The Bindyabasini Temple, known as one of the holiest place of Pokhara situated on the small hillock and the northern side of the Old Bazar. Numbers of pilgrimage are paying their visit, especially by Hindus. However there is another religious site known as Dharmasila Buddha Bihar very closed with the trading centre Mahendrapul of Pokhara.  Many Buddhist visit there for meditation and pray.  Narayanthan Temple is situated at the bank of the Seti gorge on the way to Foolbari and just 500 m from the City centre.

The city centre Mahendrapul with Chipledhunga and New road area is the main trading and shopping places of Pokhara.  The Provincial museum is just one km south from the business center to observe the Nepali folk culture and tradition. Ramghat of the Seti river and Shanti Ban Batika are just eastern side to the Museum and very nice view to see the Seti gorge and terraces of landscape.