Davis fall is located in ward number 17 of Pokhara metropolitan city. This place is about 1.6 km south-west from Damside through Shital Path Road. Davis Fall is known as a Patale Chhango which signifies underground waterfall in Nepal. Davis Falls in Pokhara is an example of how beautiful natural creations can become a source of sadness for a few.

In 1961AD, a flood carried away a Swiss couple who were showering beside the waterfall. Mrs. Davis died in the fall, which is now known as Davis Falls in her honour. The Pardi Khola water is the input that feeds the Davis Falls and flows down a rocky stream before disappearing beneath the waterfall. It may seem incredible, yet the underground passages are connected to the pit beneath the waterfall. The monsoon season, when there is a lot of rain, and the summer season are the best seasons to see this amazing sight. During certain times, the water rushes over cliffs and into gorges, putting on a spectacular show for visitors. The entrance of falls is capped by sellers marketing local handicrafts, jewellery, idols, and any more.