Fewa Lake (Fresh Water Lake) is the main tourism attraction of Pokhara standing at an altitude of 762 m from sea level with water-body area of 4.51 sq.km and 119 sq. km total catchment area. This lake area is probably the centre of attraction to most of the visitors attracting significant numbers of international tourists as well as domestic tourists to Pokhara city. The beauty of Fewa lake area includes majestic view of Annapurna, Fishtail etc. Himalayan range and their reflection image formed on the water surface of the lake.


Besides, the adjoining area known as Lakeside has sophisticated services and facilities of food, accommodation and recreation (Boating, Basundhara Park etc.) and fulfil almost every needs of international visitors (on the eastern side of the lake) . The western side of this lake has Raniban (Forest) which is very beautiful and rich in biodiversity. Tal Barahi temple is located at a small island like landform at the middle of the lake which can be reached with a 5-minute boating (From boat stand near Barahi Chowk).

This lake is top-most revenue generator from tourism business while comparing with other lakes of Pokhara valley. Very near to this lake is Annapurna Cable Car Service which takes visitors to high hill nearby called as Sarangkot from which visitors can have greater look of Pokhara city. Besides tourism value (Boating), the water of this lake is also used for irrigation and electricity-generation [through Fewa Power House (about 1 km south of Birauta)]. This lake is actively conserved by Fewa Lake Conservation Committee, Boating Association and Fisherman Co-operative (Commercial Fishing).

This lake is a habitat of globally threatened plants and rare and endangered fish species. The fish of Pame area (upstream side of lake) is very mush famous for its taste. Besides, this lake is a source of livelihood for Majhi Communities (Wetland dependent communities) and Boat-users and also have cultural and religious value (Tal Barahi Temple).