The ridgeline route of the Lake-to-Lake Cycle Circuit of Pokhara starts from Damside-Davis fall (through Shital path road)-Dopahare-Kristi-NirmalPokhari-BharatPokhari-Malagiri and then Lamgadi. From Lamgadi visitors can either continue cycling in cycle lane as they wish towards Tallo Gagangaunda-Rajchautara-Kholakochheue and finally Rupa Lake. But, visitors can return to Damside from Lamgadi through Bagmara road-Dovilla-Mahatgaunda- Birauta and reach Damside if they wish to discontinue cycling.

Major attractions of this route:


  • Tashiling Tibetan settlement 

    Tashiling Tibetan settlement is located in ward number 17 of Pokhara metropolitan city. The latitude and longitude of the area are 28°11’17.5″N 83°57’21.2″E respectively. The place is about 600 m south-west of Davis Fall via Shital Path Road and stands at 913 m above the mean sea level. The settlement consists of 103 families. Tashiling settlement provides a full portrait of the lives of Tibetan refugees. We can see Shri Gaden Dhargyaling Monastery around the settlement area.

  • Shiva Dunga

    From Deulipeepal (Raanni or Kristi Naachne Chaur), a short hike of 10 minute (approx. 1 km) uphill (towards south-west through Kristi road) can take visitors to a cave like structure formed from a rock called Shivdhunga [(A Hindu Religious Site with Shivalinga and Very Big Trisul (God Shiva Weapon)]. This religious site is very crowded during Shivaratri, Balachaturdashi and NagaPanchami (Snake Worshipping Ceremony).

  • Mattikhan View Tower

    About 2.2 km west of Shivdhunga through Kristi road, visitors can reach Mattikhan view tower located in the western part of the Pokhara valley and lies in between the border of Kaski and Syangja districts of Nepal. The latitude and longitude of the area are 28°09’39.4″N 83°55’37.7″E respectively and stands at 1520 m above the mean sea level. The view tower at the top is an admirable point from where all the beautiful landscapes with panoramic view of Pokhara Valley and more than 8 districts can be seen in clear weather.

  • Foksing Hill Viewpoint

    Foksing hill is located about 5 km east of Kristi (via Kristi-Nirmalpokhari road), at ward number 21, Foksing, Nirmal-Pokhari of Pokhara metropolitan city with latitude and longitude 28°09’15.9″N and 83°59’40.5″E respectively.  It’s a lovely ridge, especially from a topographical standpoint. The stunning views of the Himalayan range are the main attraction of the hilltop.

  • Bagh ko Khor(Tiger’s Trap)

    Riding about 3 km South-east of Dopahare towards Kristi, visitors will reach Deulipeepal (about 3 min walk towards west from cycling lane). In Deuli-peepal (Ranni), there is a trap (cage like structure) that was used traditionally to trap tiger. Big flat rock and Iron metal frame are seen now that make up the trap.

  • Chilaunekharka Community Homestay

    About 600 m east of Foksingkot is Nirmalpokhari Parking Space from where a 1.2 km hike towards south will get visitors to Chilaunekharka Community Homestay with good facilities of fooding and accommodation. There are 100 Magar households in the community that are operating this homestay. The typical Magar culture with Kauda Dance can be observed in this homestay.

  • Wild food restaurant 

    While moving forward about 2 km east of Malagiri Community Homestay, there is Wild food restaurant (famous for the meat of the Kalij) very near to Pokhara Prakritik Krishi Wutpadan Farm, at a latitude and longitude of 28°07’24.4″N 84°04’21.5″E respectively. It offers a perfect heaven, the essence of serenity and ideal for guests looking for day walks through local communities, bird-watching, gentle exercise, or simply relaxing in a typical Nepalese rural setting.

  • Dhunge Sanghu (Natural Bridge)

    About 1 km north of Fishtail Dream Park (near Mahatgaunda Bus stop via Bagmara road), there is a naturally formed stone bridge called as Dhunge Sanghu Bridge that bridges the width of Seti River. There is Tutunga Viewpoint about 100 m east of Dhunge Sanghu Bridge(Near to Mahatgaunda and Dhungesanghu Bridge). The view of the Himalayas and Seti River is amazing from this scenic view-point. This place is amazing to get the view of sun rise too.