Gunde Lake is a fresh water lake located in ward number 26 of Pokhara metropolitan city. The lake is situated around 3 km east from the tiger hill and stands at 759 m above the mean sea level. The total catchment area and water bodies cover 0.6 and 0.08 square kilometres respectively. It is managed by one of the cooperatives under the Pokhara metropolitan city.

Gunde Lake was named from a grass straw species that thrived in the area and was used to make traditional straw mats (known as Gundri). The lake is situated between green hills and mountains. The lake consists of grasses and aquatic flowering plants. The plants include Cryptolepis buchananii, Emilia sonchifolia, Sonchus arvensis, Tridax procumbens, Cynoglossum zeylanicum, Floscopa scandens, Aeschynomene indica, Crotalaria sessiliflora, Desmodium multiflorum, Plectranthus mollis, Pogostemon auricularius, Abelmoschus manihot, Eragrostis atrovirens, Eragrostis tenella, Eragrostis unioloides, Pontederia hastate, Exallage auricularia etc.