Bhadrakali temple is located in top of a tiny green hill in the east of Pokhara city. This hillock is closely located towards the southern side of Buddha Gumba. There are two ways to reach to the top: the eastern route takes 292 steps to the temple, while the southern route takes only 265 steps. The temple was previously known as “Mudule Thumpko”. This temple was built after the Goddess “Bhadrakali” ordered the Priest to dig through the hill, where they discovered the Goddess’s statue. Since then, it has been worshipped as “Bhadrakali”.

The hillock has the shape of a cone and lies at the center of human settlement. The temple is dedicated to Kali, the Hindu goddess and several other statues of gods and goddess e.g. Ganesh, Laximinarayan, Suryanarayan, Hanuman, which are quite popular among Nepali Hindu devotee and have other infrastructures like Yagyamandap, Maulo, Pati etc. This temple is famous being suitable area for conducting weeding ceremony.

The area is mostly crowded during festivals i.e. Dashain and quite popular for morning walk, exercises and meditation. Forest covered area includes Chilaune (Schima wallichii), Katus (Castanopsis indica), Mahua (Madhuca longifolia), Tiju (Diospyros melanoxylon), Rudrakshya (Elaeocarpus ganitrus) etc. We can also see playground and pond in the temple premises. The pond comprises various fish species such as Tilpe, Vitte and Maaur etc.