This is one of the best sections of the Lake-to-Lake Cycle route where one can enjoy the riding from the north-west periphery of the Begnas Lake which starts from the Lamswara and ends at the north-west side of the Rupa lake. This is the route where Her Excellency British Ambassador to Nepal Ms. Nicola Pollitt did cycling in February 2022. Therefore, this Cycle route has gradually been popular as the Ambassador Track. As the route is very beautiful and attractive with the majestic view of Himalayas on the foot-hill of the mountain ranges of Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Machhapuchre, Mt. Dhaulagiri and Mt. Manaslu. The Begnas lake embraces the evergreen hills and this lake changes its colour according to the season. The  ambassador recommends the cycling lovers try it out and enjoy the natural beauty of Pokhara Nepal.

Major attractions of this route:


  • Lamswara Viewpoint

Besides, visitors can do cycling 1 km (5 minute) uphill from the eastern hill (Ryaley) of the lake to reach Sal Dada, from where, a great view of both Begnas and Maidi Lake can be seen simultaneously.

  • Twins Water-Fall

 From the eastern hill-side of Maidi lake, visitors can hike about 3 km (one hour) or cycling uphill to reach Syangkhudi. From Syangkhudi, a 2 km hike on the north-west side gets you to a 60 m high waterfall called Twins waterfall which is so beautiful and attracting a number of visitors through cannoning and sightseeing of this water fall.

  • Barahi Temple

This temple can be reached with about 3 km ride in south-east direction from Syangkhudi. Barahi temple (located in the north-west part of the lake) is visited during the full moon, Teej festival (fasting by women for the betterment of their husband) and Sangranti celebration on every month (the first day of each Nepali Month). Other temple nearby is Majuba Baraha Kshetra at Kandel Tunda.

  • Begnas View Point, Kotbari

With 2 km walk on the east direction from Barahi temple, Begnas View Point is reached (near Bhanjyang) from which this beautiful lake looks even more beautiful with wide angle view.

From Bhanjyang, Kotbari is located about 6 km far northward at an altitude of 1150 meters from sea level where you can see Begnas lake, Rupa lake and the beautiful Himalayan range (Annapurna and Fishtail) with 360-degree view. The Kot is very famous Hindu religious site of historical and religious significance where rituals are performed every year. Kot can be reached with an hour-hiking (6 km) from Bhanjyang (about 4o minute cycling uphill).

  • View-Tower and Double-Lake View at Sundari-Dada

 After reaching Sundari-Dada from Bhanjyang (500 m south-west), visitors will be on the ridgeline of Rupa and Begnas watershed (Rupa lake at eastern aspect of Sundari-Dada and Begnas at western-aspect). A view tower has been constructed at the Sundari Dada by school (with aid from Li-Bird) which is about 6 km far from Beganstal Bazaar. A great view of Rupa and Begnas Lake, at the same time, can be observed from this spot.


  • Meditation Centre

Visitor can reach the Begnas Yoga institute at Northern aspect of Pachvaiya (Pokhara-31) by a cycling of about 2 km on west (bituminous road) from Double Lake Viewpoint. This yoga centre is Dhamma Pokhara Bipasna Meditation Centre where one can meditate on the cool and peaceful environment of Begnas lake with forests around. This yoga centre offers Hatha Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Meditation, Hypnosis and Pancha Karmas. This place is crowded mainly during the morning as people come here for morning walk and practice some yoga.

  • Panchbhaiya Deurali Temple

This Panchbhaiya Deurali temple (in Pokhara -31) is named Panchbhaiya Deurali as it is located on the beautiful hill Panchbhaiya between Rupa Lake and Begnas Lake very near to the yoga centre on the side of Begnas-Bhorletar road. Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Manaslu mountain ranges are clearly visible from this place. This is a temple built in Deurali, which is located at an altitude of 780 meters above sea level.

  • Zoological Park and Animal Rescue Centre

With a 1 km cycling on the south-west road towards Begnastal Bazaar from double lake view tower (approx. 8-minute cycling), visitors can reach Pachvaiya where there is zoological park and animal rescue centre towards the eastern aspect of the hill (towards Rupa Lake). There is in-situ conservation of wildlife in this park. Wild-animals like Leopard, Python, Monkey, Rabbit, Owl, Blue Bull etc. can be observed in the park. Rupa Lake can also be observed from this park.