Maidi Lake is the freshwater Lake of Pokhara Metropolitan City of Kaski district (Pokhara-30), under Gandaki Province. It is situated between green hills with an area of 0.01 sq. km. and 1.6 sq. km catchment area. From the Dipang Lake, it takes about a 10-minute cycling to reach Maidi Lake (head approx. 1 km south to reach Sishuwa Chowk, then 1 km eastward to reach Moharia, and 1 km northward from Moharia). The Maidi Lake Area, with lush green forest around and Mountain View of Fishtail and Annapurna at north, provides a magnificent view to the visitors. This lake has earthen dam to regulate the water level and one can take a sight-seeing of the lake by cycling above the dam and encircle the lake area. This lake is a habitat for rare and endangered fish species and wetland dependent plants. Birds like Egret, Kingfisher and Fish species like Rahu, Naini, and Tilipia etc. are observed in and around the lake. This lake is actively conserved by co-operative committee namely Maidital Region Conservation and Development Committee from Pokhara-28; 30; 31 ward, Kaski.